Available Therapy

Remedial Therapy

We support children with barriers to learning in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Perceptual Skills, with the aim of overcoming these obstacles. Your child will work through a structured therapy programme, giving your child the opportunity to make personal progress during the course of the therapy. We aim to ensure that your child feels confident and prepared to tackle the academic tasks that they face in the classroom.

Reading Therapy

The foundation to our approach is based on the Phono-Graphix reading and spelling programme which provides straight forward methods to assess and develop your child’s literacy skills. This programme allows children to build a solid foundation of the sounds and patterns in reading and spelling. We aim to create a passion for reading in your child and as your child's confidence in reading improves, you will see a visible increase in their ability and enjoyment.

Available Assessments

Our first interaction with a child will be in the form of an initial assessment. We offer assessments both in Literacy and Numeracy from Grade R to Grade 7. An Assessment Feedback Report is provided, which contains the results of the Assessment as well as the consequent recommendations. From the results of the assessment and the information provided a decision will be made on how to best proceed with the therapy programme.

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Kristy Jackson

"Children make you laugh, challenge you, inspire you, and change your perceptions. Working with children is what drives me and I started the Kristy Jackson Therapy practice with the vision of making life a little easier for children that are struggling at school. Whether it is through rebuilding a child's self esteem or working through various academic tasks, I hope that the children I see for therapy feel better equipped to tackle their days at school in a confident and positive way."

  • BEd Honours in Learning Support
  • 5 Years classroom teaching experience
  • Remedial Therapist and Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist since 2014
  • Nominated for the Phono-Graphix Private Reading Therapist of the Year Award 2015

Kate Rollinson

"Education is such a powerful tool and with many children struggling to grasp various concepts and skills, my goal is to assist them in reaching theirs. By creating a safe and positive environment for children to work in, we allow for learning to take place in a relaxed manner where children feel less anxious and more supported by means of providing resources, emotional support as well as focusing on key concepts needing consolidation. As each day passes, my passion and love for teaching grows, especially when seeing a child’s face light up when unlocking their true potential."

  • BEd Honours in Inclusive Education
  • 3 years classroom teaching experience
  • Remedial Therapist and Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist since 2017

Paige Finch

"I love working with young children and have always wanted to become a teacher. I have a passion for helping children who are struggling with learning and I am capable to support them as I am kind, patient and creative. Children learn best when they feel comfortable, when they enjoy what they are doing and when the teacher is able to empathise with them. My goal as a Remedial Therapist is to assist children in having a pleasant learning experience and to aid them in reaching their potential."

  • B.Ed Early Childhood Development and Foundation Phase
  • B.Ed Honours in Learning Support (2018)
  • Remedial Therapist and Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist since 2018

Tara Terzic

"We have as much to learn from children as they have to learn from us! I enjoy having the opportunity to work with children and hope to see the results of a nurturing environment in developing their academic and personal skills. Working with children is an interaction of learning and growing together in an environment that is stimulating and beneficial. I hope to make the learning process one of enjoyment, personal growth and emotional support as I believe establishing their confidence will allow them to thrive throughout their school career."

  • BA Psychology and English
  • Honours in Psychology (2018)
  • Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist since 2018

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